Perseid Meteor Shower

Wednesday 12 & Thursday 13 August 2015
At night, when the meteors are most visible

As the North Norfolk Coast begins to move out of Covid-19 lockdown, and tourism businesses re-open, more planned events are taking place.  These are just listings, so please follow links and check with organisers of events before assuming events are running.

Watch the perseid meteor shower in the dark skies above Deepdale Backpackers & Camping. Lie outside your tent and watch this natural wonder without needing a ticket or any special equipment.

One of the many advantages of staying at Deepdale is the rural location. We have the most wonderful dark skies, so you can enjoy the stars and, at very special times, events like the perseid meteor shower.

According to The Independent, technically the shower has been active in the sky since 13 of July, and will continue until the end of August. However, activity will peak from 12 to 13 August, with an increased number of meteors visible in the skies around these dates.

Price: Free for anyone who can loop up at the sky

Location: The Night Sky

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Why not stay at Deepdale Backpackers & Camping for 'Perseid Meteor Shower'

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