Snail Racing Championships

Saturday 19 July 2014

As the North Norfolk Coast begins to move out of Covid-19 lockdown, and tourism businesses re-open, more planned events are taking place.  These are just listings, so please follow links and check with organisers of events before assuming events are running.

Snail Racing Championships - An event that is timed to the last milisecond!

Ready! Steady! Slow! And with that, more than 300 snails dash off, slugging it out in the most important event in the snail racing calendar.

"Congham is to snail racing what Newmarket is to horse racing", claims Hilary Scase, event organiser.

The racetrack, a circle of 13in radius, is kept at optimum dampness by the trainer, and competitors with names such as Speedy or Schumacher, are cheered on by the excitable crowd.

To enter, just bring a streamlined snail or borrow one from the snail trainer on site.

The championships are part of Congham Fete, which raises money for the 13th-century St Andrews Church.

Price: Proceeds to charity

Location: The Cricket Field, Lynn Road, Congham, Norfolk

More Information

Special, Children, Competition

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