Hunstanton Lifestyles Festival

Friday 19 to Sunday 21 September 2014
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Itís about street, water and beach sports. Itís about the culture and style that goes with them. But itís more than that. Itís about sharing it. Itís about making the extreme not exclusive.

Itís about an introduction to a way of life.

Sure, thereís a mash up of styles, from the skaters to the surfers and the mix of music to accompany them. Surf-style reggae and ska, or hard core skater-punk, thereís no shortage of variety that goes into the Lifestyles vibe. But thereís one common theme that brings us together: That whatever you do, at the heart of it all is the unbeatable thrill of your chosen adrenaline kick and whatever sound track you pick to go with it.

Lifestyles takes it further. Itís about making these extreme sports accessible to anyone. Itís about encouraging those who might never have had the chance, who might have thought these sports were out of their reach, and itís about helping them to get involved.

Pro-riders share their skills for free, sports fans and organisers volunteer to give up their time, suppliers offer their equipment and everyone gets together to help more people to engage with the activities.

Price: Free Festival

Location: Hunstanton, North Norfolk Coast

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