The globehoppers' guide

Where is Stelios's favourite taverna? Who serves the sexiest martini in Hong Kong? And what's the best beach for sleeping under the stars? For the answers - and for many more tips to help you make the most of your travels in 2007 - read on

Laura James
Author, Cool Camping

Deepdale Farm, in Burnham Deepdale, North Norfolk, is my favourite campsite. As well as being just across the road from the sea, it's also close to all the famous local landmarks. You can take your own tent, but if you want an extra luxurious camping break, there are tipis to rent. The Deepdale Cafe is reputed to serve the best cooked breakfast in the county. The campsite is quiet and friendly, the atmosphere straight out of the 1950s and once a year there's even a jazz festival.

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