Deepdale Festival | 23rd to 26th September 2021

Caterers & Stalls Application - Deepdale Festival

Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th September 2021

We are looking for stalls of all shapes and sizes to join us for the Deepdale Festival.  Applications are now open and we look forward to hearing about your stall or catering option.


We are looking for the following caterers:
One for the Backpackers Courtyard, offering some food and definitely teas, coffees, hot chocolate and the like, who will need to be there all weekend.  (Thursday evening, Friday all day until 10pm, Saturday 8am to 10pm, Sunday 8am to 9pm)
Three or four to go opposite the Pop Up Shops in the rear car park of Dalegate Market, for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  (Friday 12noon to 10pm, Saturday 11am to 9pm, Sunday 11am to 8pm)
One in the Orchard for the whole day on Saturday and Sunday, also offering hot drinks and potentially some food.  (Saturday 11am to 10pm, Sunday 11am to 9pm)
We have already arranged bars for both the Brick Barn and Orchard, so don't need extra bars.
The cost is 10% of takings, with a non refundable down payment of 200 for the caterer in the Backpackers Courtyard, and 150 for the caterers in the Orchard or Dalegate Market car park.  Plus a refundable deposit of 50, which will be refunded if you are open all the hours agreed.


All stalls will need to be open from 11am until at about 9pm on Saturday (when the last band on the Orchard Stage finishes), then 11am to 6pm on Sunday.  Setup by 10am on Saturday and Sunday.
Stalls will join the Shops and Pop Up Shops of Dalegate Market.  We'll site stalls around the Pop Up Shops and in the Orchard
, where there will be an open marquee with the acoustic stage in it, with bale and pallet seats amongst the trees.  We'll place the stalls around the edge of the space with their backs to hedges and fences.
You will need to provide your own cover, table and chairs.  If booked in advance, electicity may be available (20 per stall).
The cost is just 35 per member of staff (the same cost as an adult festival ticket on Saturday & Sunday), plus a deposit of 50, which will be refunded if you are open for all the hours agreed.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be an option to stay at Deepdale overnight, but this must be agreed at the time of the booking, and there will be a separate charge.
ALSO PLEASE NOTE: Vehicles you want to park with your stall, must be arranged at the time of booking.  Until we have clear details we cannot say whether this will be possible.

If you would like to be considered for a space, then please fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch to confirm.


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Description for Website: * This is the description that will appear on our website, and needs to tell customers what will be on offer from your stall. Minimum 100 and Maximum 200 characters.

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Electricity required: * Yes   No   25 - Max 300Watts
MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE - Electricity may only be used for tills, credit card terminals, computers, tablets, mobile chargers and display lighting, all of which may not exceed 300Watts.
Other Electricity:
If you require electricity for anything else other than lighting, for example you are a catering stand, please tell us the details and we will get back to you to discuss.
Will you be running any activities?:
PLEASE NOTE: Filling out this form simply means we will consider you for a stall, but does not mean you have a stall confirmed.  If we like your stall, then we will be in touch to offer you a space and will send you an invoice which will be time limited, terms & conditions will be included.  Confirmation is only made when we've received full payment.
Due to the number of stalls applying, we may not have time to request further information, so please give us as much information as you can on this form.
Stall prices include VAT.  Full joining instructions for stalls are usually sent out about 1 month prior to the event.