Rebel Queen Story4Adults

Wednesday 18 April to Monday 28 May 2018
7.30pm in museum & libraries, 7pm Westacre Theatre & Downham Mkt Town Hall

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When a farmer near Snettisham cast aside what he thought was an old brass bedstead, little did he know it was the beginning of one of the greatest iron age treasure discoveries in Europe.

Over the next 40 odd years 200 ancient torcs, elaborate neck ornaments, many made of gold, would be found on the site at Ken Hill.

Combine this with the story of Queen Boudica, as written by the Roman Cassius Dio, who described the rebellious Queen as wearing a golden torc around her neck and you have the foundation for one of the great moments in British history.

This is the story that several storytellers have woven together to create a dramatic re-imagining of how the legendary Queen summoned the might of many divided clans to challenge the power of Imperial Rome.

Boudicca’s rebellion against Rome. Storytelling for Adults & Older Teenagers.

18 April - Hunstanton
19 April - North Walsham
20 April - Fakenham
26 April - Dersingham
4 May - Gaywood
11 May - Wells
18 May - Cromer

Price: £5 libraries & DMkt Town Hall, £6 Museum, £8 & £10 Westacre Theatre

Location: Hunstanton, N Walsham, Fakenham, Dersingham, Gaywood, Wells, Cromer libraries. Westacre Theatre, Ancient House Museum, Downham Mkt Town Hall

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