Cley 17

Thursday 6 July to Sunday 6 August 2017
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As the North Norfolk Coast begins to move out of Covid-19 lockdown, and tourism businesses re-open, more planned events are taking place.  These are just listings, so please follow links and check with organisers of events before assuming events are running.

In creating work for Cley17 artists, artist groups, collaborators, craftspeople and designers should use historical context and local connections to create links between site & art.

For example, it interests me, as a ceramicist, that Cley is Anglo-Saxon Claeg for íclayí. How might that connection be shown? One possibility is through objects discovered or mislaid.

I will expect proposals to demonstrate Ďconnectivityí between material and meaning.

In the digital age where social media and the Internet dominate, our connection to others is often through the printed word rather than direct conversation. Interactive artworks that connect to the public and that reflect our connectivity to the world and our affinity, kinship and integration with others are therefore encouraged.

Artists should create a proposal in visual form, as seen within the site in which they wish to exhibit although chosen sites are not guaranteed. Proposals will be selected anonymously and should be presented on a single A4 sheet (whether on paper or printed digital plan) and include additional notes on concept, materials and presentation.

Price: See website for details

Location: St Margaretís Church, Cley, North Norfolk Coast

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