Things to do while you can't visit Deepdale #8: Virtual Easter Egg Hunt
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Things to do while you can’t visit Deepdale #8: Virtual Easter Egg Hunt


Can you find out where we’ve hidden virtual Easter eggs around Norfolk. From these cryptic clues, work out the 20 Norfolk towns and villages:

1. You will need this in a rusty lock

2. Making imitations

3. Disappearing law enforcer

4. Expensive pig

5. Tie those sails down

6. Grain husk fisherman

7. Long pants no ending

8. Hit a man in the chest

9. Useful to a potter

10. Set the pig on fire … followed by this little piggy

11. Raisin pastry on the coast

12. Not quite where Ed is from and a royal term

13. Stop

14. Similar to Alpacas

15. Tiny things we all do at night

16. Looking tidy after a trip to the hairdresser

17. Circular place

18. Not quite gold entrance in a fence

19. Someone small in a water hole

20. Not a speed I normally go at!

Massive thank you to our lovely friend Fi for putting this together. Huge apologies there is no actual chocolate involved.

Please email your answers to and we’ll let you know how you did.

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