Fire Pits and BBQs – Temporary Ban
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Fire Pits and BBQs – Temporary Ban

UPDATE 13th August

The campsite is looking a little greener now after a small amount of rain and we feel it is now significantly safer for BBQs and Fire Pits, so we have lifted our ban for the tim being.  Naturally we ask customers to be safe with anything that can cause fire and have water or a fire extinguisher to hand just in case.  As you can imagine, if the weather returns to the hot breezy conditions we had earlier in the month then we may have to reinstate the ban.  For the moment, please enjoy your cremated sausages and charred burgers!



UPDATE 31st July

Despite the biblical storm on Friday evening and the odd shower since, we are now back to very dry weather with sunshine and a light breeze drying everything out again.  So apologies, but we feel we must continue with the BBQ and Fire Pit ban for the moment.  We will update you if anything changes.


We are really sorry, but due to the heat wave conditions the North Norfolk Coast and much of the country are experiencing, we need to bring in a temporary ban of fires, such as Fire Pits and BBQs, at Deepdale Backpackers & Camping.

The dry breezy conditions have dried out grass, hedges and other natural surroundings to such a point that a simple spark could easily cause a major fire.

As we say this is a temporary measure, as we know many customers enjoy fire pits and bbqs.

Fire officer and insurance advice is to reduce the risk as much as possible, and when you see pictures of fires like Saddleworth Moor, and closer to home like Thetford Forest and the huge fire at Cromer today, we feel this is the only prudent step.

Sorry again for any inconvenience.

The good news is that the weather is beautiful, and that when the weather returns to typical British conditions we will once again allow fire pits and bbqs.

We will let you know when the ban is lifted, but for the moment please assume it will last through the Summer holidays.

If you have any questions then please contact the office on Tel: 01485 210256 or Email:

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